Bergkamp, Hemphill & McClure, P.C. was formed in 2000 in Adel, Iowa. The firm began and still remains operating at the historic Old Depot in Adel, Iowa along the scenic Raccoon River bike trail. James L. Bergkamp, Jr. (Jamie) started the firm with two other lawyers in 2000 when he was a young lawyer. He had previously worked as an attorney in Denver, Colorado and clerked for the Adel, Iowa law firm Van Werden, Hulse & Hefner, P.C. while in law school. Attorneys Matthew J. Hemphill (Matt) and Kara J. McClure later joined the firm and became partners.

The firm practices in the areas of Real Estate, Business, Litigation, Estate Planning, Probate and Family Law. The firm works closely with Iowa Title Guaranty and is a supporter of the attorney-abstract and Iowa Title Guaranty system. The firm is a leading producer of Iowa Title Guaranty policies. The aim of the real estate division of the firm is to provide “fast, friendly and reliable service.”

Jamie is the lead attorney for the real estate division, but also has a strong business, estate planning and probate practice. He has a business and accounting background. He focused on real estate, business, taxes and estate planning while in law school. Jamie grew up in Webster City, Iowa and had typical rural jobs as a youngster in rural Iowa including working for his dad’s meat packing plant. His dad taught him many principles about running a business, business in general and how to work with people. His practice style is to be brief and to the point. If an agreement can be prepared in 15 pages, Jamie aims to prepare it in 5.

Jamie says, “Let’s be clear and concise. Omit needless phrases and formalities. Let the document be readable and useable. Capture the complete agreement of the parties and leave the rest out.”

Matt leads the firm’s litigation department. Matt gained early experience clerking for a federal judge and learning litigation from a current Iowa District Court judge. Matt is thorough, methodical and even-tempered. He has argued cases in the Iowa District Courts, Iowa Courts of Appeal and the Iowa Supreme Court as well as cases before the Federal District Courts. A list of representative cases can be found here (link).

Beyond litigation, Matt practices in business, estate planning and probate. Matt has mastered skills in various areas of the law from practicing in a small-town general law practice. Matt grew up and lives in Adel, Iowa and takes pride taking care of the legal needs of the local community.

Kara McClure is in charge of the firms’ family law department. She began practicing in a firm in Des Moines, Iowa. She came to Adel to take control over her family law practice and be part of the development of innovative family law practices and techniques. Kara is one of the original Iowa lawyers advancing “collaborative family law,” the concept of completing divorce cases in a non-adversarial way. She is a founding member of the Central Iowa Academy of Collaborative Professionals. She is a family law mediator. She also serves other roles in the family law arena such as being a child’s attorney or advocate, guardian ad litem and a child and family reporter. One of Kara’s strengths in family law practice is understanding the different techniques available in family law, especially those that give the parties the opportunity to complete a divorce in as much of a non-adversarial, cost-effective and efficient manner as possible all while keeping the best interests of children in mind.

Kara also has developed a niche in representing farm clients. She grew up on a farm and she and her husband and their family farm in the Dallas Center, Iowa area raising livestock and growing row crops.

The greatest strength of the office, however, is its staff. Becky Anderson is a familiar voice to many of the firm’s long-time clients. As the lead receptionist, she recognizes many clients by voice and has taken care of clients of the firm for many, many years. Becky has been with the firm since its inception and has worked with Jamie since he came back to Iowa. Becky is an important part of the firm’s real estate and business work.

Kara Ladd has 30 years of legal assistant experience. She previously worked for a small-town private practitioner and is proficient in real estate and business matters. Kara’s expertise in probate practice and her friendly and business-like demeanor is a tremendous asset to the firm. Kara is the point person for all of the firm’s probate matters. There is no substitute for her experience and expertise.

Katrina Christianson is the firm’s real estate division team lead and the officer manager. Katrina has been around real estate all of her life. Her father was in the construction business. She had various positions in real estate prior to working for the firm. She worked as a property manager and has taken and passed the real estate agent license exam. She has a great depth of knowledge in the area of real estate. She understands the documents, the possible pitfalls and how to manage workflow in an efficient manner. Her strengths do not end with real estate. She also has become the firm’s officer manager due to her ability to take charge and get things done.

Christina Williamson is in charge of the firm’s litigation workflow. She works with Matt and Kara. Christina gained experience in larger law firms in Des Moines prior to coming to the firm. Her experience has proven to be invaluable. Christina’s strengths are in assisting in the preparation of litigation documents, the facilitation of discovery documents, and managing the firm’s EDMS filings. She is also an important part of the firm’s receptionist and general supplies management duties.

The strength of the firm is its team. Every person is important. Every person helps provide great legal services to our clients. If you are a client of the firm, we thank you and we look forward to working with you.

We appreciate being able to offer legal services our way — “friendly, professional and efficient while being approachable, honest and down-to-earth.” We get things done here and we appreciate your business.